Woolly Lamb's Ear Seeds (Stachys byzantina)


Woolly Lamb's Ear Seeds (Stachys byzantina)

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Germination approx. 21 days at 22ºC, germination with light

Woolly Lamb's Ear Seeds (Stachys byzantina)

Stachys Byzanthina is native to the Near Middle East and the Caucasus. It has the name due to its soft hairy leaves (the hair serves as protection against dehydration in high temperatures). The plant tolarates well dry climate and is therefore often used as a soil-covering plant for rockeries. The plant has few problems with pests, is hardy and quite robust and tolerates a sunny location. However, wetness is not tolerated, therefore pay attention to have a well-permeable substrate.
As a medicinal plant, it was particularly popular in times of war as a wound dressing (better blood clotting, anti-inflammatory).
In popular medicine, the plant is also used for eye infections, insect bites and asthma.



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