Rue, Herb of grace plant (Ruta Graveolens)

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Rue, Herb of grace Seeds (Ruta Graveolens)


This plant can reach one meter comes from the south of Europe and has always been known as a medicinal plant and a condiment. It has a bluish green leaves. The plant flowers in July, August and September with many yellow flowers. It is especially in this period when the plant can cause serious skin allergies.

Soils: Poor soils and it does not grow well in pots if the soil is too acidic.

Light: Medium shade or direct sunlight.

Multiplication: by cuttings or seeds in open ground or pots. Planting in April, germinates slowly.

In winter: only withstands temperatures of zero degrees for a short period of time. Therefore it must be protected in winter and then it sprouts again in spring. In pots a light, cool place away from heat sources. 


In the kitchen: Only use in small amounts because it has an intense musky taste. The ancient Roman prized it as a condiment. Two leaves in the Grappa give a special aroma. It is also used in a special vinegar herbs suitable for fish. It also goes well with game.

In the home: The essential oil is used in perfume industry. A twig hanging in the kitchen or pantry keeps ants away from the food.

Medicinal: Formerly rue was used as a universal cure for many diseases and poisoning. But it also has a number of side effects that make you finally have doubts about using it as a medicinal herb. Some negative effects include photosensitivity, affects the liver and kidneys, melancholy, sleep disruption, fatigue. Not under any circumstances to be used during pregnancy.


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