Three Cornered Leek , wild onion, onionweed seeds (Allium Triquetium)

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Germination: irregular, Seeds stratification (ie seeds on wet substrate for 4 weeks in a refrigerator before planting).


Three Cornered Leek , wild onion, onionweed Seeds (Allium Triquetium)

This beautiful kind of garlic/onion is easily recognized by its flat leaves and green central stripe of the flowers. The flowering period is from December to May. Allium Triquetum is an easy plant to care for and grows well in both semi shade and shade. In dry summers it dries completely, but sprout after the first rains. It comes originally from the western area of the Mediterranean, but it is also found in southern England. The taste and smell of its leaves resemble the leek, however the taste of your bulbs is like garlic but less intense

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