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St. Benedict's thistle, holy thistle seeds (Centaurea benedicta)

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St. Benedict's thistle, holy thistle seeds (Centaurea benedicta)

Syn: (Cnicus benedictusCarduus benedictus)


The Benedictine herb is an annual plant that reaches a height of between 40 -60 cm. The Flowering Period
(yellow flowers) is in Central Europe in midsummer, until September.

The Benedictine thistle is a medicinal plant originally from the Mediterranean region to the Near East. Leaves and shoot tips are used. It helps with loss of appetite, bloating and flatulence. Furthermore, the Benedictine herb stimulates milk production in humans and animals, and the plant also has a similar effect to milk thistle (Silybum marianum) and can be used to detox the liver.
However, if you are allergic to daisy plants, you should avoid using them.

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