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Message for our clients, COVID-19:

As we are a small family business working from our finca, we process and ship all orders as quick as possible.

However, there are some delays in the shipping route due to significant lower air traffic and other corona-related measures. We ask you for your kind understanding when the shipments might take a bit longer than before.

Thanks for ordering from us!!



¿What is Spicegarden?

We are a firm created to offer a wide variety of aromatic and medicinal seeds and plants. Our plants are cultivated without chemicals as we want to avoid these toxic substances in products that will be consumed as food and our seeds are not GMO seeds either.

Our objective is not only to sell seeds and medical plants but also to share our knowledge of planting,growing, and multiplication.

In our shop you will be able to find common aromatic and medicinal plant varieties and also other kinds of plants and their seeds which we have recovered from the popular medicine and cooking of Mediterranean area and many other parts of the world.

Also, if our customers have any doubts about saving seeds or further info about aromatic and medical plants or even about cooking recipes with any variety in particular please contact us and  we will try to answer you and provide the information asked for.

Medicinal plants should be used responsibly and in case of any discomfort you should always be seen by a doctor. Please read our "Customer information".


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