Sunflower "Autum Beauty" Seeds (Helianthus annuus)

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Sunflower "Autum Beauty" seeds (Helianthus annuus)

This type "Autumn Beauty" can have as many as 20-30 flowers depending on their location in a warm place, its flowering period is from July, August and September.

Sunflowers originally come from North and Central America where they were grown 3000 years ago and were brought to Europe by Spanish sailors.

 The heliotropism or following the movement of the sun of these flowers is common to all the varieties of sunflower.

The list of properties and uses of sunflower is extensive:

• The Sunflower stalk is one of the lightest materials known and is used in acupuncture (Moxa)

• In the Netherlands, sunflowers are used as drainage system in areas of marsh.

• Its seeds can be eaten raw or roasted, and used as chicken feed stimulate egg production

• Sprouts are an interesting addition to salads.

• Sunflower oil is an excellent product for skin care, rich in vitamin F.

• The ashes are a perfect fertilizer.

• The dried leaves can be smoked as a substitute for tobacco .

Their natural dried flowers textile dye is also obtained

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