Datura Seeds (Datura stramonium)

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Germination: irregular approx. 4 Weeks at 24 °C


Datura seeds (Datura stramonium)

ATTENTION !! All parts of the plant are Toxic

Datura is an annual plant that can reach about 2 meters in the garden. The large flowers of about 10 cm long open at dusk and are often visited by moths. The fruit is covered with thorns. Datura is a classic plant in the garden of witches.

Soil: Datura is comfortable in sandy, nutrient-rich soils, requires little care when potted just have to water it often.

Light: Sun

Multiplication: Seeds

In winter: Annual plant


Medicinal: The alkaloids of this plant had been used formerly with relaxing purposes. Despite everything you must be very careful as Datura stramonium in small quantities and causes severe hallucinations, nausea, vomiting and asthma attacks, and in high doses can cause cardiac arrest.

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