Myrtle Seeds (Myrtus communis)

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Germination: Irregular (14- 60 days), two days soaked in water


Myrtle seeds (Myrtus communis)

Myrtle is an evergreen shrub with a spicey aroma and small, hard green leaves aroma, (the wild version has much larger leaves), with oval, lanceolate and graceful white flowers that resemble those of the caper, from the family Myrtaceae . Flowering from May to August, the fruits are berries of blue purple. It can reach a height of 4m and stretches from the Mediterranean to southern Asia. In the Mediterranean area it is a typical scrubland plant. Myrtle is also currently used as decorations at weddings and in the Mediterranean area to protect the saints. In the Middle East it is the symbol of peace. The intense, pleasant aroma reminds one of a mixture of laurel, eucalyptus and frankincense, and the refreshing scent is found in many aromatherapies.

Soil: good results are achieved with a mixture of conventional garden substrate (neutral pH) and perlite approx. 25%. In the wild the plant it has very deep roots.

Light: Sun and shade. Typically on the edges of the forest.

Multiplication: by cuttings which take root in 3-4 weeks in non-calcareous water or directly in growing media, multiplication by seed is also very productive if seeds are fresh.

In winter: In the garden myrtle withstands a minimum temperature of -5 ° C. In pots in a cool but bright places (8-10 ° C), away from heat sources. If the plants overwinter indoors and then move onto the balcony or terrace later you need to take them out at intervals to accustom slowly to sunlight


In the kitchen, used as seasoning in stews and with game (in small amounts and removed before serving). As a spice for grills directly on the hot coals. In southern Italy, Sardinia and Corsica an excellent digestive liqueur is produced with the leaves and berries.

In the home: Dried flowers as an air freshener in rooms and as an ornamental. Its oil is important in the perfume industry.

Medicinal: Its essential oil has medicinal uses. Diseases of the lower respiratory tract (bronchitis), kidney and urinary tract. The active component is a disinfectant for the urinary tract. The oil and leaves are used topically on wounds, acne, hemorrhoids and inflammation of the gums

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