Dill "Tetra" Seeds (Anethum graveolens var. Hortorum)

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Amount. 500 Seeds

Germination approx. 18 days at 20 ° C with light Germination


Dill "Tetra" (Anethum graveolens var. Hortorum)


Those who have ever grown dill in the garden will know the problem: when we need it for our cooking ("today marinated salmon!") you can only pick a few leaves .. and it happens even more with high summer temperatures Spain. With this variety of dill "tetra" we get plants with lots of foliage which also take longer to flower and produce seeds for these reasons also take longer to wither the plant. Dill is a popular condiments in Northern Europe frequently used in cooking of fish, marinates and the preparation of pickles especially gherkins.

Dill is an annual herbaceous plant of the family Apiaceae with few substrate requirements although you should avoid overwatering.

Anethum graveolens is also a medicinal plant traditionally used like fennel in stimulating the production of breast milk or tea as a remedy for newborn babies colic and wind (gripe water) Moreover it is also recommended to improve insomnia and menstrual pain.

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