Rockrose Seeds (Cistus albidus)

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Amount 30 seeds

Germination , irregular Immerse the seeds in boiling water


Rockrose seeds (Cistus albidus)

Most Cistus come from the Western Mediterranean and are typical representatives of the maquis (mediterranean shrubland). Cistus albidus reaches heights of up to 2 meters. The five petals of its flowers are purple or mauve, the leaves are silvery gray-green, and are hairy. As in the case of Cistus salviifolius infusion of this plant it has fallen into disuse, which is a shame because it is high in antioxidants. This tea also has anti-inflammatory properties and strengthens the immune system. It is also interesting use as antiallergenic. In the episode of the famous "bird flu," it was considered especially as a potent antiviral.

Cistus multiplication can be clearly seen after fires in nature (when there is a clear increase in small plants per square meter), so in our testing the germination of the seeds we immersed them in boiling water and approx. two weeks after we achieved germination rates of 50% approx. against a germination rate of untreated seeds with water only of 0-10%.

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