Viper's bugloss, blueweed seeds (Echium vulgare)

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Viper's bugloss, blueweed seeds (Echium vulgare)

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Germination approx. 14-21 Days at 10-15ºC

The viper's bugloss is an attractive and quite unpretentious wild plant, which is an important forage plant especially for bees and butterflies (more than 40 different butterfly species could be found as pollinators of this wildflower).
As a medicinal plant, Echium vulgare is more likely to be forgotten, for internal applications, due to the contained substance, Consolidin is discouraged. But in the case of external applications (pulp from plant juice and roots) it is appreciated for skin problems and boils, it has a similar positive effect on the skin as comfrey.
Echium Vulgare prefers a dry location and can be found wildly often on Ruderal areas.

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