pink maize (Zea mays) seeds

pink maize (Zea mays) seeds

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Quantity 15 seeds

Germination approx. 7-14 days at 18ºC

seeds 6 days in water before sawing


Pink Maize Seeds (Zea Mays)



A maize that we have received from a friend horticulture company from Mexico, 2016 we have cultivated this kind experimentally. Besides the very unusual color we were also surprised by the size of the plants and also the corn cob.
Some advice on maize cultivation: maize needs a deep soil and a sufficient water supply with the start of the flowering period. The ph value should be about 7. Sufficient fertilization increases  significantly  the yield.

Sowing depth 3 – 4 cm.  The distance between the rows is 60 – 80 cm and from plant to plant 30 – 40 cm.


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