N.º de producto: S-2910

Cantidad 30 Semillas

Germinación aprox. 7-18 Días a 20ºC

Semillas de Salvia Canariense Vellosa (Salvia canariensis tomentosa)

This beautiful shrub with their(her) white-matted sheets(leaves) in the form of spit reaches a height up to 2.50 in the garden. The flourish periods begins in the early spring and it reaches(it is enough) till October. The purple flourishes(blossoms) is gladly visited by bees and bumblebees. This sage kind is light(easy) to go from seed(semen).
Actually, amazingly this impressive sage shrub up to now almost only in botanic gardens is to be admired.
Temperatures to-5 degrees will well endure.
Location: full sun



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N.º de producto: S-2460

Cantidad  30 Semillas
Germinación aprox.18 -28 Días a 18-20ºC

Semillas de Salvia Romana (Salvia sclarea)

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