Ginseng Seeds (Panax ginseng)

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Germination: Irregular (up to 24 months) seeds in cold stratification

and then stored in damp soil or perlite until the germination process starts.


Ginseng seeds (Panax ginseng)

Ginseng originally came from China, Korea and Eastern Siberia. Named after the Greek goddess of health Panakeia ginseng is a powerful herb. In the garden placed in shade or semi-shade, it will reach about 80 cm. In Eastern medicine the root of ginseng (harvested at 3-7 years) is used, and is much appreciated. In Korea it is called the "root of life"

It has a long list of medicinal effects:

It improves concentration in states of weakness and physical fatigue, speeds up recovery after illness, strengthens the immune system, cures impotence, prevents cancer and has antitumor power. Also used for digestive problems such as gastritis, and it improves the intestinal flora.

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