Radish "rat tail" seeds (Raphanus caudatus)

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Germination approx. 7 days at 18 ° C 

Radish "rat tail" (Raphanus caudatus)

The leaves and the taste of rat tail radishes closely resemble their root relatives but in this case what we eat is the fruit.

The fruit must be picked green, if they are too mature are fibrey and bitter. The plant grows very quickly and their bright white and violet flowers are not only appreciated by the insects in the garden. Because the plants get quite big they should be planted in the garden at a distance of 40 cm between them.

Soil: They adapt well to almost all types of soil and can also be planted in pots. The harvest is much better if planted directly in the open.

Light: Lots of light. Support direct sunlight.

Multiplication: Multiplication by seeds is very successful. Multiplication by cuttings has not been tried. To produce seeds simply leave a plant to seed. In the garden produces fruit from April to August.

In winter: Year old plants sprout again in spring


In the kitchen: the fruit can be eaten raw and is reminiscent of radishes (a healthy alternative snack to accompany beer!). Tastes good (spicy and sweet), also in a wok or vegetable panache.

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