Tamarillo, tree tomato seeds (Cyphomandra betacea)

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Tamarillo, tree tomato seeds (Cyphomandra betacea)

Our tamarillo is now in its second year and offers numerous and tasty fruits, similar to the tomato in flavor, but like other tropical fruits it has a typical acidity, ideal for the preparation of "chutneys" and jams. As the tree tomato is sensitive to frost in winter should be protected against the wind and cold especially with temperatures below 0 ° C. Cyphomandra betacea is very easy to care for and in the first year it reaches a height of 1.50m. If you prune the upper parts of the plant, it grows more branches. Even without fruit is a plant with a ornamental value. The plant originally comes from Bolivia, but it is grown in many tropical and subtropical countries

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