Common Thyme Plant (Thymus vulgaris) var. compactus

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Common Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) var. compactus plant

Common thyme, a strong and branched small shrub (of approximately 30cm high) was elected in 2006 as a medicinal plant of the year and comes originally from the south of Europe. The pale pink flowers attract bees. Thyme is a perennial plant that is perfectly suited to rock gardens. The thyme family includes 214 different types according to Wikipedia, and many different types with different leaves, flowers of different color and shape which don’t seem to fit into the same denomination. Common thyme is an excellent seasoning and should not be missing in any garden.


Soil: Fine, permeable soils without humus. In some cases substrate mixed with sand and gravel. In garden it does not need a fertilizer.

Light: direct sunlight.

Multiplication: Cuttings can be taken throughout the year (not flowering period). Large plants can be divided in autumn. Another way to multiply vegetatively is covering some branches with sand which roots after about 4 weeks. Thyme can also be multiplied by seeds, germination takes approx. 4 weeks temperatures of about 22°C

In winter: Sensitive to frost. In the garden you will have to protect it from the cold. In pots in a cool place with lots of light


In the kitchen: Use cautiously, dried thyme has a strong flavor. Thyme is good for meat, game, but also in traditional stew it is very tasty. Often found in meats, sausages

Medicinal: The list of uses is long. Thyme is antibacterial, stimulant, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antifungal, stimulating appetite, and soothing. An infusion of thyme can be used for colds, flu and gum inflammation, cystitis, flatulence, slight diarrhea, menstrual disorders and hormonal changes. Externally it can be used in eczema, blisters and inflamed wounds. So far no known side effects.

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