Lavendel Plant (Lavandula Angustifolia)

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Lavendel Plant (Lavandula Angustifolia)

The common lavender is grown on a large scale in the South of France due to its aromatic components. Lavender can reach heights of up to 150 cm in the garden. Its leaves are dull gray and the blue flowers are extremely fragrant, so their use in the kitchen is very unusual. The main flowering period is from June to August. The color of the flowers that attract bees and bumblebees varies greatly in different shades of blue and types of flowers. To produce the maximum scent lavender needs to be in a warm, sunny place. Lavender originally comes from the Mediterranean area, but now it has spread throughout southern Europe. Its name comes from the Latin verb wash (clean) and this indicates its use in ancient times as a bath essence.

Soil: it likes rock and sandy soils, but also grows well in pots and in the garden.

Light: It grows best in sun but also adapts to the gloom.

Multiplication: Although often grown from cuttings and shoots without problems, lavender can also be multiplied by seeds.

In winter: Best outdoors. Although it withstands the cold weather and temperatures down to -10 ° C better to protect the plant from the wind. In pots in a cool place away from heat sources. 


In the kitchen: sparingly used its leaves can refine the taste of fish, horse, lamb, sauces and soups.

In the home: It is often used as protection against insects such as moths, ants and bugs and leaves a pleasant scent on clothes.

Medicinal: Antiseptic and soothing lavender can be used for nervous bowel problems or low blood pressure. It has no known side effects.

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