Borage plant (Borago officinalis)

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Borage plant (Borago officinalis)

Like other spices and herbs Borage comes from the Mediterranean area. In other languages it is called cucumber weed because the flavor of its leaves are similar to this plant. This annual plant has beautiful velvety leaves blue flowers from spring to autumn and are a delight for all types of bees.

Soil: Likes moist soil but a sunny spot

Light: Direct Sun

Multiplication: by seeds in spring, borage has a short period of germination - 5 to 7 days ( at15 – 20ºC) and can be planted out at the end of March.

In winter: The plant is an annual with new plants appearing.


In the kitchen: Like comfrey(which comes form the same family) borage contains some alkaloids that can be harmful to the liver for this reason it should not be consumed regularly but from time to time it is considered safe as a treat. It has beautiful flowers and are good in salads, candied and ice cubes. The flowers are almost free of the harmful alkaloids.

In the home: flowers pigment functions as litmus paper in acidic solutions it turns red

Medicinal: Borage has been used as a fever reducer, expectorant, a cardiovascular tonic and for its relaxing anti-inflammatory properties. Also used for menstrual cramps and hormonal changes. Because of the possible damaging effects on the liver refrain from continual use. Externally used for eczema, blisters and rashes.



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