Fig Tree, black fruit (Ficus Carica)

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Fig Tree , black fruit (Ficus Carica)

plant arround 20-30 cm


jungpflanze_ficus_carica_verkaufFicus carica comes from the Mediterranean region and is of course spread to Asia Minor. Here the fig, also because of its good shelf-capacity as a dried fruit, is to be described as a basic food. The  original fig (Ficus carica) is one of the oldest cultivated crops.

The Fig Tree is quite unpretentious and needs only a small  water quantity. The tree is, however, sensitive to waterlogging and excessive moisture, especially for fruit ripening. It is considered to be relatively salt compatible. The fig tree needs warm summers and mild winters. In normal conditions, it is somewhat frost resistant, but it is very sensitive to dry frost and late frosts as soon as the bud starts.

Figs are not only used as fresh or dried fruit, but are also part of desserts, sallads, meat dishes  and bread.

The Fig tree not only provides delicious and vitamin-rich fruits, it is also a medicinal plant.

Figs help with digestive problems (constipation), colds and vitamin deficiency (scurvy), skin problems and hemorrhoids.
The milky juice of the leaves and stems is used in folk medicine for warts.

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