German bearded iris plant (Iris germanica)

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German bearded iris plant (Iris germanica)

SYN: Blue sword lily, real iris, "Violet Root"

Young plant in 10 cm pot, height 10-20 cm


The Blue Iris is a robust and very dry-compatible flowering plant for the farmer's garden.

Because of its fragrant rhizome, the plant is also called Violet Root and is therefore in demand in the perfume industry. The Iris oil is one of the most valued natural products. It is therefore used only in the smallest dosages, for example for high-quality perfumes or for the flavouring of foodstuffs, liqueurs, confectionery and baked goods.
In the past, the rhizome was also used medically, but the effect was not proven. The dried and small-cut root is still used today as a teething aid.

Interestingly, the German sword Lily in northern Europe (in contrast to the Mediterranean region) does not form any seeds, so it can be assumed that the origin of the plant is not Germany.


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