Rhizome Canna "Harlequin" syn. "Cleopatra" (Canna indica) bulbs

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Rhizome Canna  "Harlequin" syn. "Cleopatra" (Canna indica)

Quantity: 1 rhizome


This new fantastic variety reaches heights of 1,5m in the garden and 1,3m in pot. Also, this canna does not produce seeds so it is multiplied by rhizome partition.

Leaves Color: Green - red

One caveat is that once we start dividing the "Harlequin", canna rhizomes it is not certain that the new parts produce the same leaves, they may also have only red or only green leaves.

The color of the flower varies sensibly, the most common are flowers with red and yellow ends.

They need abundant irrigation and fertilizer and should be placed in semi-shade.


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