Wild mountain basil, calaminta basil seeds (Calamintha Nepeta)

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Wild mountain basil, calaminta basil (Calamintha Nepeta)

Mountain calaminta reaches a height of 40 cm, and can live for several years. Found in Africa and southern Europe, wherever there are dry poor soils. It is also found growing against walls. The leaves have a strong minty flavor and are particularly popular in Italian cuisine. The leaves are much smaller than those of conventional mints in Italy it is called "mentuccia" (small mint) or "nepetella". The mountain mint with numerous small white flowers is an excellent feeding place for bees. It blooms from July to October. The wild variant is white but it can also be found with blue flower in the market.

Soil: It likes rock gardens, poor soils. In pots should be permeable, sandy and nutrient poor soil.

Light: Sun or penumbra

Multiplication: by seeds. Germinate after 7-14 days at 20ºC and should be covered with a thin layer of soil or simply pressed into the substrate. Best if pre-cultured in a large window.

In winter: cold-resistant in spring it sprouts from between the rocks. 


In the kitchen: In Italy calaminta is often used in marinades for starters, but also goes well with grilled or stewed fish. In the kitchen the small fresh leaves are used. It can also consumed in an infusion which has a camphory aroma.

Medicinal: In the Middle Ages the plant was often used as a healing remedy, but now this is rare. Calaminta infusion appears to have sudoríficas properties, reinforcing the stomach, fever reducer and also against chronic inflammations, since it seems to have some similar antibiotic active substances like camphor. It is also suggested for use in depression. Avoid consumption during pregnancy.

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