Common Comfrey, true comfrey Seed (Symphytum Officinale)

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Common Comfrey, true comfrey seeds (Symphytum officinale)

comfreyCommon comfrey also called comfrey can become a bush of a height of about 1 meter and last for several years. During the flowering period its purple flowers attract many bees. Flowering is from May to September. In the wild comfrey grows on moist banks of rivers or extensions. It is a useful medicinal plant and in the garden, it can be used as fertilizer for its rich content of nitrogen and potassium. In addition, comfrey helps in the rapid rooting of cuttings.

Soil: It likes soil rich in nutrients. For cultivation in pots, they must be very large because the main root is usually very long. In the garden the shrub grows very well and can live for up to 20 years. It grows best with applications of a nitrogen fertilizer.

Light: Sunny to semi-shade.

Multiplication: From root cuttings the plant can grow well vegetatively, although the multiplication by seed also works. Sow in March and April in the garden or on a windowsill in March and the seedlings can be transplanted into the garden in May.

Winter: Winter hardy.

Uses: in the garden as fertilizer and biological help in rooting of cuttings

In the kitchen: Comfrey leaves are high in protein and can be used to make cake mixture (Swiss recipe)

Medicine: Comfrey is recognized as a medicinal plant for healing poorly healed wounds (not open), skin problems, fractures, rheumatism, blister and cardinals also be used externally. Not to be used internally consoles because they are high in pyrrolizidina alkaloids which are toxic to the liver and can cause mutations, although in some writings low levels of these alkaloids are considered safe.


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