Tarragon Seeds (Artemisia dracunculus)

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Germination approx. 18 days at 18 ° C with light


Tarragon seeds (Artemisia dracunculus)

This known medicinal and aromatic plant probably does not come from the Mediterranean area as many other herbs do but from Siberia. Although it has been cultivated for a long time it can be found in the wild in Europe. There are differences between the Russian and the French variety as the latter can only be multiplied by division, but not seeds. The French variety contains many more aromatic essences that makes it suitable as a food seasoning you. This herb can live for several years and reaches a height of approx. 150 cm in the garden

Soil: well-permeable. In the growth period tarragon requires a lot of nutrients.

Light: Likes sunny, warm places, it does not grow well in damp places. The aromatic contents are produced with high solar radiation. Harvesting should take place just before flowering.

Multiplication: by cuttings and simple division, the Russian tarragon is also multiplied by seeds. Sown directly into open ground in April and May. Only push the seeds into the soil and germination takes 2-3 weeks at 18ºC. 

In winter: in contrast to the French, Russian tarragon withstands low temperatures much better (-10 degrees max.). Also tarragon can be grown in pots and can be inside the house. Before winter the plant can be cut up to 15 cm.


In the kitchen: As seasoning has to be used fresh, because dried tarragon loses its characteristic flavour, in any case better frozen than dried. Tarragon vinegar is well known. If you want to try tarragon as condiment for the first time it goes well with chicken and you can find many recipes on the Internet. Tarragon is also a component of the famous herbal mix French "Fines Herbes"

Medicinal: tarragon should not be consumed during pregnancy. It has anti-inflammatory properties, activating the blood circulation, digestive. It is also used for rheumatism, worms, loss of appetite and hormonal changes. Its content "estragoles" means it should not be taken over long periods of time.

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