Cannas Arrowroot Seeds (Canna edulis, Canna indica)

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Germination: approx. 10-21 days at 22 ° C. After sanding the seeds with sandpaper and immersing a day in water at room temperature.


Cannas Arrowroot seeds (Canna edulis, Canna indica)

This beautiful shrub with banana-like leaves can be grown in the garden, but also in pots and grows up to 2 meters. It comes from Central America where it is cultivated in part as food. Its rhizome is one of the largest in the plant kingdom. It is prepared like potatoes but has to be cooked for longer and therefore up to now it is not common see in the market. Its extremely hard 1cm black seeds are also used as beads for necklaces and even formerly were used as ammunition for rifles.

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