Wormwood Seeds (Artemisia absinthium)

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Germination: 14 days at 20 ° C, place seeds on the substrate and press lightly


Wormwood seeds (Artemisia absinthium)

Wormwood is a bitter herb that should be used sparingly. It is currently used in liqueurs. As spice it is difficult but can be used in game dishes (digestive qualities).

Medicinally it has a stimulating effect on appetite, digestion and menstruation and against headaches. (Attention: in large amounts can cause poisoning)

Plant in the sun, but also tolerates shade. Keep approx. 1m from other plants because Artemisia absinthium alters the growth of other plants by emitting certain substances from its roots. The color of its silvery leaves makes it a are decorative background for an aromatic corner in the garden.

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