Mugwort , common wormwood seeds (Artemisia vulgaris)

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Germination: approx.14 days at 20 ° C, Press the seeds in the soil


Mugwort , common wormwood Seeds (Artemisia vulgaris)

Mugwort is a very aromatic spice widely used for cooking vegetables but also meat dishes high in fat. In this case it is customary to use it because of its favorable effect on the digestion. It promotes the secretion of gastric juices and bile. It also activates menstruation and has a relaxing effect of the uterus. In fact its name in German (Beifuss) has to do with its relaxing, healthy effect on the feet (topical application, foot bath). The oil of this plant is also widely used in the perfume industry. The natural habitat of mugwort is Northern Europe, but it is also widespread in southern Europe is and represents part of the rural flora many places. To use Artemisia Vulgaris as a seasoning, leaves should be harvested before flowering otherwise the content of bitter substances is too concentrated. Mugwort pollen may cause allergic reactions.

Location: sun, soil rich in nutrients not too dry.


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