Clary, clary sage Seeds (Salvia sclarea)

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Germination: approx 18 - 28 days. at 18-20 °C


Clary, clary sage seeds (Salvia sclarea)


Clary sage is a beautiful garden shrub that reaches a height of 1.20m with the combination of pink bracts and purple flowers. It flowers in June and July and is a plant liked by bees. But this plant also provides much as a medicinal plant. Clary sage is used in diseases of the urinary tract, indigestion and menstrual problems. Salvia sclarea is also used to flavor wines and spirits, in southern Europe it seems that the plant is often used in wine production to improve the quality of low-quality wines. it is also popular in the perfume industry and as incense for the environment.

Soils: permeable, apart from that no special requirements.

Location: Full sun

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