Broad Beans (Vicia faba)

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Germination approx. 10 days at 15ºC, eight hours before planting soak at room temperature.


Broad Beans (Vicia faba)

Probably one of the most ancient cultivated plants. 5000 years before Christ and this high-protein legume was being cultivated. In Italy small broad beans prepared with salami or ham and olive oil is a popular "antipasto". In Catalunya there is something like the "faves a la Catalana" with ham (also with black sausage), onions and mint, and possibly many Mediterranean countries have very similar dishes. The beans can be planted in Spain in October (also depending on the area) to get an early harvest in March or April. They are also a natural fertilizer (nitrogen from their roots), so once harvested, other plants can tap the wealth left in the substrate. In northern Europe planting time is in February / March for harvest in May / June.



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