Heartleaf iceplant, baby sun rose (Aptenia cordifolia)

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Heartleaf iceplant, baby sun rose (Aptenia cordifolia)

This perennial, succulent plant plant originally originates from South Africa but is now found throughout the Mediterranean region. The perennial iceberg is an excellent traffic light plant, which is particularly appreciated in France as a salad addition and also as a vegetable. When it gets a place in the full sun it grows very fast and shows many about 1.5 cm large, bright red blossoms which are closed again after sunset. The flowering period ranges from spring to autumn and therefore also as bees and bumblebee pasture. As far as the care is concerned, this plant is very unpretentious and can also be cultivated very well in tubs on the balcony where it can grow down nicely. Because of its leaf form, it is also called the heart-leaf flower.

Soil: thrives particularly well in very permeable substrate. If the persistent herb is planted in pots you should be aware that these are quite high, excessive casting should be avoided, possibly some long-term fertilizer with the substrate.

Light: Full sun is preferred, but also grows in half

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