Genovese basil plant (Ocimum basilicum "Genovese")

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Genovese basil plant (Ocimum basilicum "Genovese")

Genovese basil is probably the most widespread worldwide and can be found in any supermarket. If purchased in pots and replanted in another pot it can grow up to 70cm in height (a number of plants are often rown together). Basil is grown annually, because it is very sensitive to temperatures below 10 ° C. It is harvested just before flowering (July to September). You can cut only the tips of the branches so that it grows into a round bush. This also delays the flowering. The white flowers are very popular with bees.

Soil: Basil likes permeable soils and regular watering or plant out dries very quickly. Potting is an advantage in cold and rainy areas.

Light: It need a lot of sunlight.

Multiplication: mini cuttings in greenhouses. With temperatures around 20 ° C it can be grown from seeds but it need light to germinate so just press the seeds lightly into the earth. Keep wet. Germination takes approx. 14 days.

Winter: Doesn't survive. Annual plant


In the kitchen: basil should always be used fresh, because dry it loses much of its aroma. Therefore we recommend you cut it just before serving. Those who do not want to give up basil in winter can freeze it, and also prepare basil vinegar and basil oil. The best-known uses in the kitchen are the salad (insalata caprese) in pizza tomato sauce and the most famous Genovese pesto. But there are also herbal liqueurs containing its typical aroma.

Medicinal: For digestive problems, but also for disrupted sleep, depression and migraines. Antispasmodic and analgesic properties have also been demonstrated.

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