Lemon Verbena, lemon beebrush plant (Aloysia citrodora)

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Lemon Verbena, lemon beebrush plant (Aloysia citrodora)

The Lemon Verbena has been from South America for many years and was brought by the Spaniards to Europe in the late eighteenth century. The plant has a strong lemon aroma that also continues on dry leaves for a long time. It indicates its lemon aroma in the denomination of  "Citronella ". The Maria Luisa is a durable garden plant but also resists in the flowerpot. In the south of Italy the plant in a garden can reach a height of 3 meters (in South America reaches heights of up to 7 meters. Its long, thin branches can be cut throughout the summer until autumn, so we also allow for better growth.

Soil: The plant does not need much care in reference to the substrate and grows well in conventional garden land. An annual fertilizer after pruning, which only with the sprouts of leaves is enough in my experience.

Light: Sun and gloom.  And if the plant is in sunny place in garden in summer it has a great need for irrigation.

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