Castor Oil Devil Fig seeds (Ricinus communis)

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Germination aprox. 17 days at 20 ºC, the seeds need to be prepared by rubbing them with sand papers


Castor Oil Devil Fig seeds (Ricinus communis)   Toxic!

Ricin belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae and can reach up to 4 meters in garden in a few months, in contrast in pots it does not grow that much. Its palmate leaves can reach a diameter of over 50 cm. Depending on location leaves may have a marked red colour. The finely marbled reddish brown seeds are highly toxic and should be kept out of reach of children. It is mainly grown for its seed (its essential oil content is 40-50%) and it seems that its toxic substance remains in the press as residue after pressing. Apart from its medicinal effect as a laxative is also used as a lubricant and in the cosmetic industry. The Egyptians appreciated it very much as a lamp oil and for this reason they cultivated it

Soil: Must be rich in humus and nutrients, a good place in the garden would be near the compost. Drought resistant.

Light: Direct Sun

Multiplication: By seed, the seeds must scratched with sandpaper and left for one day in warm water to soak. At ambient temperatures the seeds germinate in 2 or 3 weeks.

In winter: does not survive the winter, it is grown as an annual plant. In the tropics it can last several years and can reach heights up to 12 meters. 


In the home: Castor oil is a component in many cosmetic products as well as industrial lubricants, paints and color additives. Recently there is talk of increasing the possibilities of castor oil as a "biodiesel.

Medicinal: Castor oil is a very powerful laxative. Externally castor oil can be used to remove warts and skin fungus.

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