Hyssop seeds (Hyssopus officinalis)

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Germination approx. 24 days at 18 °C  with light

Hyssop seeds (Hyssopus officinalis)

Hyssop has been grown for 16 centuries as a medicinal culinary herb. In the wild it is found especially in southern Europe preferably in dry and hard places. This plant reaches a height of 60 cm. The flowering period is from July to October, the flowers are bright purple depending on the variant and are good for bees, butterflies and other insects.

It also keeps out the snails and aphids.

Soil: likes permeable soils, hyssop is drought resistant. Best to use a fertilizer with calcium if grown in pots.

Light: Sun

Multiplication: By seed germinates after 3-4 weeks. Germination temperature 18-20 degrees approx. The seeds are covered and pressed lightly onto the soil, they can also be multiplied by cuttings.

In winter: in the garden the plant with weed cover only in extreme temperatures. In pots in a cool place, away from heat sources 


In the kitchen: as a barbecue herb as well as a liqueur herb Traditionally hyssop is applied as seasoning in stews, but it tastes slightly bitter, so be conservative with the amounts. The juice of the flowers can be used for seasoning lettuce. Hyssop should be used fresh as frozen it loses its aroma.

Medicinal: Historically hyssop was used as a medicinal herb against leprosy, but its usefulness against this disease is not because of the plant but a fungus on its leaves that has an effect like penicillin. Currently the tea is used for stomach and intestinal problems. The following effects have also been attributed: anti-inflammatory,  stimulating menstruation, antioxidant and relaxing. Hyssop is also rich in vitamin C. It is not recommended to use during pregnancy.

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