Papaya, paw paw Seeds (Carica papaya)

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Germination: aprox. 14 -24 days at 24 ° C, soak seeds for 1 day in hot water


Papaya, paw paw seeds (Carica papaya)

The papaya plant also called the "tree melon", originated in tropical South America, but now it is widespread throughout tropical and subtropical areas of the world. The plant in our photograph was located in Madagascar and reached a height of approx. 12m. This tree grows very quickly in its first year and reaches heights of about 2m.

As it does not withstand frost, if we want to keep for several years, in a pot or a container winter temperatures should not be less than 10 ° C.

In the kitchen papaya it has many uses both as fresh fruit or mixed in salads or to prepare salsa "chutney" and smoothies. If used in cooked it softens the dish due to its content of papain. Papain is present in especially high amounts in fruit that is still green. This fruit and papain also have in medicinal properties. This enzyme is a helps digest protein and is therefore suitable for pancreatic and digestive problems and, and salivary gland dysfunctions and improved blood circulation. Papain products should not be consumed during pregnancy.

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