Baobab Seeds (Adansonia digitata)

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Germination approx. 21-180 days at 22 ° C, seeds scraped with sandpaper


Baobab Seeds (Adansonia digitata)


This impressive African tree can reach an age of approx. 2000 years, and sometimes it reaches trunk diameters of up to 7m. The baobab is prized as food (leaves and fruit) and as a source of water (the tree has the ability to store water in its trunk), and also as a medicinal plant. In popular African medicine it is used for liver ailments, malaria and toothache. The leaves are used against stomach and intestinal problems (Ruhr). The Baobab grows about 80 cm per year in the early years of life and in Spain withstands temperatures up to 0 ° C (if possible must be protected from the wind).

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