Anise Hyssop, Licorice mint Seeds (Agastache anisata)

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Germination: approx.10 -18 days at 22 ° C, light Germination


Anise Hyssop, Licorice mint (Agastache anisata)

This type of Agastache with blue flowers and anise flavor of the leaves is native to the grasslands of North America. Agastache foeniculum in Europe is considered as a good pasture for bees. Also flowers and young leaves can be used in salads and dried leaves are aromatic infusion.

This garden plant reaches a height of approx. 1 meter. or 1.5 meters, sometimes called giant hyssop but is rather curious because the biggest Agastache is Agastache rugosa reaching heights of up to 2.5 meters.

Flowering time: June-August

Medicinal properties are as anti-inflammatory and aid for digestion.


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