Bird of paradise shrub seeds (Caesalpinia Gilliesii)

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Germination aprox.14 -24 days at 24 ° C, seeds one day to soak in warm water before sowing


Bird of paradise shrub seeds (Caesalpinia Gilliesii)

 This small shrub that rarely reaches 3 meters is originally from South America (endemic in Peru, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina). Because of its exotic flowers it is very popular as an ornamental shrub, but so far it is only found in Mediterranean Europe.

In areas where the temperature drops to 0 or less, it loses its leaves but sprouts again in spring. It tolerates temperatures of up to 5 ° below zero and potted even lower temperatures.

The bird of paradise shrub resists heat and drought, and must be located in sunny and not be watered excessively. Shrubs obtained from seed bloom in the second year.

Medicinal uses could be used against fever and cough but it is not recommended because some parts are toxic (particularly the seeds and pods)

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