Biquinho, Drop Chili seeds (Capsicum chinense)

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Germination approx. 14 -21 days at 22ºC

Biquinho seeds, Drop Chili (Capsicum chinense)

Syn: Chupetinha, Drop Chili

A  Capiscum chinese variety which has the typical aroma but lacks sharpness.
The variety Biquinho comes originally from Brazil and is now not only a valued specialty there, we were very surprised to find this variety as pickled chilli under the name "Pimiento Lacrima" at supermarket Lidl (Spain).
The plants reach a height of approx. 50-70 cm and are really productive and extremely decorative.
Use in the kitchen: Pickled, in soups, in jams and sauces and also as a garnish pizza and pasta dishes.

Sharpness: 0 - 1

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