Waterpepper Seeds (Persicaria hydropiper)

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Germination approx. 14 days at 20ºC

Waterpepper Seeds (Persicaria hydropiper)

Syn: water pepper, marshpepper knotweed, arse smart or tade

lat syn: Polygonum hydropiper

The water pepper probably comes from Asia and feels comfortable in wetlands, at the edge of the pond but also in normal garden soil.

The leaves (dried or fresh) can be used like pepper and are used in Asian cuisine. In soups and salads with fish and seafood, the pleasant spicy taste, which does not overlay the fine fish taste, is very much appreciated.
(see also sushi)

Propagation: by seeds (short stratfication in the refrigerator) or but cuttings. Self-sowing is common.

Water pepper is cultivated as a normally annual plant, but is quite perennial in southern Europe or indoors.

Flower color: pink

Flowering period: July to September, depending on the location

Winter hardiness: no, annual

Propagation: Seeds in spring

Soil requirements: very moist loamy and sandy, do not allow to dry out.


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