20 Seeds Chilcostle pepper (Capsicum annuum)

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Germination approx. 14 -21 days at 22 ºC


Chilcostle pepper seeds (Capsicum annuum)


This Chile comes, as its name suggests, from Mexico. Chilcostle is a fairly thin skin variety, which makes it also suitable for drying.
In Mexico, for this reason, this variety is often sold as chili powder.  We have also prepared this variety
baked and stuffed with cheese, and although the removal of the seeds and the cheese softens the spicy taste, we were a bit surprised by its sharpness.
The peppers (about 3 - 6 cm) ripen from green to red.
The Plants reach about 50 - 80 cm, are very robust and very productive.

Sharpness (1-10) : 5-6

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