Dragon's Breath Chili Seeds (Capsicum chinense)

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Germination approx. 10 -14 Days at 22-24ºC


Dragon's Breath pepper Seeds  (Capsicum chinense)

Whenever you think it can't exist anything spicier, it comes a new chili which is even more spicy. With 2,400,000 Scoville, this chili develops an incredible (unbearable) sharpness.
Typical for the ultra-sharp chilis is also here the wrinkled surface and often a small thorn.
Like almost all Capsicum chinense varieties, these chilies take a little longer to fully mature and should therefore be cultivated indoors.
Dragon's Breath comes from English breeders who named the chilies after the Welsh dragon.

Be careful when handling the fruits and seeds.

Sharpness (1-10) : 10++

Scoville: 2,400,000 !


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