Crown vetch, Coronilla seeds (glauca Coronilla valentina)

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Amount. 20 Seeds

Germination approx. 20 Days to 18th, leave the seeds in hot water for about 24 hours


Crown vetch, Coronilla seeds (glauca Coronilla valentina)

Coronilla originally from the Iberian Peninsula. Because of their few demands and splendid bloom looks they are often seen as ornamental plant in parks. It flowers early, towards the end of February or March, and its flowers have a pleasant scent that attracts bees. In the wild Valentina crown is found in calcareous and rocky areas up to 1000 m altitude. It needs regular watering and can reach a height of 1.5 m.

The evergreen foliage color and shape is similar to common rue, this is why it is also called English Rue in Spain.

Although the plant seeds are used in medicine for heart and asthma conditions, home use should be avoided due to toxic components.

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