Seedling Trays & Pots

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Product no.: Z-0005

Seedling Tray with punched drainage holes.


Height: 4,2 cm

Length: 37 cm

Width: 28 cm

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Product no.: Z-0100

Separable Planting Tray


The parts of this multi-purpose tray (20 cells) can be easily separated and thus used individually.

The separable cells have a measurement of 6.0 X 6.4 and are suitable for both seed cultivation and multiplication by cuttings.


Height: 6,0 cm

Length: 31.5 cm

Width: 28.0 cm



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Product no.: Z-0200

Garden Pot (Quantity 100)


VCD 10.5


Height 7.8 cm

Width 10 cm

Volume 0.46 L

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Product no.: Z-1060

100 Clear plastic self-closing bags 8 x 12 cm



These practical hermetically self-sealing bags have various uses:

- To pack seeds - To plant seeds (such as bananas and palm trees) with long periods of germination in a small space (instead of seedlings) - For the cold stratification of seeds with wet perlite. And naturally for many other uses.

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