Dwarf Pomegranate Seeds (Punica granatum var. Nana)

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Germination: approx. 14 -30 days at 24 °C, seeds one day soaked in hot water.


Dwarf Pomegranate seeds (Punica granatum var. Nana)


The Pomegranate is not just a beautiful plant with orange or red flowers and tasty fruits but also one of the most useful plants grown through the centuries with multiple applications in medicine and the home. The Phoenicians introduced the plant probably from the Middle East to the Mediterranean.

The tree as a shrub can reach 5 meters, but can still survive perfectly in a large pot. Care is simple. The plant can also be grown as bonsai. There are also other ways to grow it depending on their growth, fruit size and color of flowers. This little guy with fruits and small flowers is called 'dwarf' variant.

Soil: permeable garden soil. Can resist temporary draught. Potted plants should be replanted regularly.

Light: prefers direct sun but also grows in semi-shade. The quantity of fruit dependent on amount of sun.

Multiplication: Difficult from cuttings, seed germination works well even without covering of substrate. For correct rooting substrate must be poor in nutrients. At the time of sowing should be at a temperature of about 22 ° C. It takes about 14 days to germinate.

In winter: Best in ground. It can withstand temperatures around zero degrees in the garden. While in cold regions it is an advantage to plant in pots in a cool place not near heating.


In the kitchen: In salads, juice, meat and pig hunting. Infusion with the leaves.

 At home: The shell of the fruit as decoration, fruits and roots to give color.

Medicine: The antioxidant effect of Pomegrante is perhaps four times higher than red wine or green tea. Many studies claim that it prevents the growth of cancer cells, especially breast and prostate cancer, and other cancers. Also it seems to have effects on artherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases

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