Chop suey Green , crown daisy edible chrysanthemum, Shungiku seeds (Chrysanthemum coronarium)

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Amount 150 seeds

Germination: approx. 7-14 days at 18 °C


Chop suey Green , crown daisy edible chrysanthemum, Shungiku (Chrysanthemum coronarium)

Chop suey Green is used in Asia fresh in salads and as a condiment in typical cooked and and wok dishes for its roasted flavor. Its flower buds are used in China for tea.

It is very easy to grow and is harvested when it is at a height of 20 cm. At high temperatures, above 25 degrees, the plant suffers and the leaves turn bitter. Adult plant reaches 80 cm in height and is also a beautiful ornamental plant in the garden with white or yellow flowers.

But this exotic vegetables also has medical uses, it is used in Chinese medicine for stomach and digestive ailments. In India, edible chrysanthemum is used to treat gonorrhea.

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