Can you also send plants outside Spain ?

At the moment we only ship to the Iberian Peninsula ( Spain , Portugal ) . Unfortunately, sending plants  to the islands and rest of the world is not possible.


Do you send seeds to all parts of the world ?

No, only Europe.


When will my you send my order ?

After payment has been received your order is usually packed within 24 hours and will be mailed the next business day . Once sent, you will receive e-mail confirmation from us.


How much is the shipment of seeds ?

The shipment of seeds costs € 2.50 , a single price for everyone !

Shipments with a value of merchandise from 35.00 euros are sent by certified mail at no additional cost to the customer.


Bank charges or commission fees (outside of the EU banksytem)
Incidental transfer and transaction costs are payable by the buyer. For clients outside of the
EU banksysten we recommend to do the payment via paypal.

How much are the shipping costs for plants ?

For plants , packing and shipping costs are calculated by weight. Note : we do not ship plants out of the Iberian Peninsula ( Spain , Portugal )


Can I also pay COD ?

No, payment arrangements include: bank transfer or PayPal , the goods will be shipped only after receiving payment. For payments from outside Spain or outside the European Community we only accept payment through Paypal .


How long does delivery take within Spain ?

The shipment of seeds is done by mail and usually takes 3-8 working days.


How long does delivery take within Europe ?

The shipment of seeds is done by mail and usually takes 3-8 working days :

5-10 business days to northern Europe .

5-15 business days to southern Europe .


How long does delivery take outside Europe?

The shipment of seeds is done by mail and usually takes 8-20 working days.


What happens if a shipment is lost ?

Approx. 0.5 % of items are lost in the mail, the reasons may vary from the wrong address, to damaged sorting machine, incorrect delivery ( especially during holidays, vacations ) , theft , etc ..

If your shipment has not arrived within the indicated time periods below then please contact us.

Spain : 17 days after shipment

Europe: 20 days after shipment

Outside Europe : 30 days after shipment

Please refrain from contact before the expiry of these deadlines, because we can not say exactly where a package sent by ordinary mail is. We can only do so in cases of itmes over 25 € which are registered.


Do you have a tracking number for my shipment ?

Orders with a value of products over 35.00 euros are sent certified mail. These certificates have a tracking number to check on the website of Correos Spain . We can not offer this service for orders below 35.00 euros.

If you need a shipment with tracking number and the value of your order is less than 35€ you can also choose that at the end of your order, but the cost of shipment is higher.

I can not add a desired product to my shopping cart. Why not ?

The product is not available at that moment. This is is especially for plants which are subject to many different. We strive to keep our database up to date so this should not be a problem.