Cup of Gold Vine Hawaiian Lily plant (Solandra maxima)

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Cup of Gold Vine, Golden Chalice Vine, Hawaiian Lily (Solandra maxima)


Solandra Maxima has up to 20cm large flowers and leather-like large leaves. Due to its fast growth, the decorative evergreen plant can be used well as a climbing if it is provided with a suitable climbing aid. The lumbering stems can train air roots to provide additional water absorption, typical are also numerous cork warts on the bark.

Solandra is rich in Tropanalkoide, some of which have a strong hallucinogenic effect. In Mexico, Solandra species are mainly used as a love potion and aphrodisiac.

Soil: They are good in almost every soil, but they have a high water and nutrient requirement.

If the plants are kept in pots, it should be fertilized twice a year with long-term fertilizer.

Light: thrives particularly well in warm, light-rich locations, tolerates full sun. High humidity

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