Oregano, wild marjoram Plant (Origanum vulgare)

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Oregano, wild marjoram Plant (Origanum vulgare)

Oregano comes originally from the Mediterranean area and is used in local cuisine, it is the special characteristic of the pizza but is also valued for its medicinal qualities. Oregano is an herb that lives several years and grows up to 20-70 cm. The stems and leaves often covered by a fine fuzz. The pollination of flowers (June to September) is carried out by bees and butterflies. Best harvested at the end of the period of flowering, when the Oregano has its best flavor. It is best to collect and hang it upside down in bunches to dry in an airy, dark place

Soil: rocky and hard soils. Avoid waterlogged soils.

Light: warm and sunny places.

Multiplication: By burying new side sprouts. By seeds it requires little care, in April better in open ground or in February in a window. Germination temperature between 16-20 degrees and with light for 2 to 3 weeks.

In winter: Best in open ground in very cold weather can be covered with weeds


In the kitchen: Oregano is a classic herb in Mediterranean cuisine, softens any tomato sauce and is well known for its use in pizza. It also goes well with lamb, cooking on the grill for vegetables pies

In the home:

Medicinal: as a component of a mixture of herbs against convulsions and stomach and intestinal problems. Also stimulates the appetite, as a draining activator of bile and an expectorant.

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